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Spring 2014 Wine Tasting/Class/Event Schedule

Updated Tuesday April 15, 2014

Winter 2014 Cooking Classes & Wine Tastings
Join us for an evening of delicious wine and food, our wine tastings make for an affordable, tasty night out AND make a terrific gift!
AFTER-HOURS WINE TASTINGS   $45 per person - Thursdays 7:30-9:00 pm
Tastings fill up quickly, call 617-623-0867 with a credit card number or come by the shop to sign up.
Sam sez:  Where is everybody?? Come join us for a wine tasting!!

French Wine & Bistro Night!       April 3     
Join our good friend Monsieur Stephen Malarick, from Martignetti Companies, as he guides us through the great and storied French wine regions, one glass at a time. We will explore the versatile and food-friendly, hidden wine gems of Loire, Rhone Valley, and of course, Burgundy. The kitchen's fresh take on classic French bistro fare will provide a tasty backdrop for these lovely wines.

Wine & Chocolate       April 10     
This is the first-ever DFP after-hours wine tasting event featuring chocolate as the theme ingredient, and we couldn't be more excited! Chef Ravon will devise a decadent four-course feast featuring chocolate in dishes both savory and sweet. Think cocoa-rubbed, braised short ribs and Dave's World Famous chocolate panini accompanied by five wines, both dry and sweet, in this sure-fire delicious tasting!

Pizza Wines!       April 24      
From classic Neapolitan thin-crust to Sicilian pan pizza, what could be better than a slice and a nice glass of wine? Depending on the toppings, the results can range from simple and satisfying to downright decadent. Five "pizza" wines, featuring a wide variety of sparkling, white and red from around the world, will be will be paired with four hot and crispy, homemade 'zas from the DFP kitchen.

New Spring Arrivals       May 8      
Tonight we will feature brand new arrivals to the wine shop at DFP. Come taste some of the first of the 2013 vintages, new releases from some of our favorite winemakers AND some recent discoveries from around the world. Spring is the theme for this tasting; crisp, aromatic whites and delicate-bodied, young and fresh warm-weather reds will all be in the line-up. They will prove a natural compliment to fresh, simply prepared dishes featuring local cheeses, early-spring produce and fresh regional seafood.

California Wines & Local Fare       May 22      
This spring night will be dedicated to the great wines of California! Taste with us some terrific new additions to our growing CA wine section. Martin Langer of OZ Wine Company really knows his stuff and is a terrific resource; definitely take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone who has such knowledge and passion for all things wine. We will taste five small-production reds and whites from such un-heralded California regions as Santa Lucia Highlands and the Sierra Foothills. Enjoy these wines with thoughtful pairings made from locally produced foods prepared in the spirit of California cooking.

Funky Italian Varietal Night       June 5     
Spend an evening with us and meet the lovely, intrepid importer of artisanal Italian wines, Eileen Wright, of Adonna Imports. Eileen will leads us through a succession of hard-to-find, easy-to-love reds and whites. Northern Italy is the land of mushrooms, hard mountain cheeses and mouthwatering salame. We will present five truly funky (in the best possible way!), delicious wines from Piemonte, Tuscany and Oltrepo Pavese and Lazio. Fresh off a buying trip to Italy in February, Eileen will have five vibrant and seasonally delicate wines lined up for this springtime installment of Funky Italian Night!!

We love doing this tasting so much that we do it twice a year! Adonna's wonderfully funky wines are hand-crafted to be enjoyed with the most delicious foods of Italy's Northern region, it is always a great night.

Rosés & Summer Antipasti       June 19     
Not quite red, not quite white, rosés are made by separating the grape skins from the juice during the fermentation process. Lovely shades of coral, salmon and soft pink hues and bright, fresh and clean berry-fruit flavors are the results. These wines are meant to be drunk young, so we will indeed feature a few choice selections from the recently released 2013 vintage. From bone-dry to only slightly sweet, these rosés are among the most versatile food wines in the entire shop. Taste for yourself as we pair them with fresh cheeses, cured meats and picnic-style summertime foods with these highly quaffable wines!

Learn to cook like a pro in our cooking classes, plus eat tasty food & sip great wine!
Classes fill up quickly, call 617-623-0867 with a credit card number or come by the shop to sign up.

Dave teaching a pasta-making class - with wine!
$55* per person, classes are held evenings from 6-8:30 pm
Sunday afternoons from 2-4:30 pm

Note: class dates in gray are sold out.

check out this terrific Boston Globe article about our classes and Chef Jason!

4/6, 4/16, 4/22, 4/27, 5/7, 5/28, 6/4, 6/14       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Learn to make fresh egg pasta at home with ease. This is a hands-on pasta making class where you will learn basic dough technique, cutting pasta, and quick ravioli making. Taste your fresh pasta creations paired with samples from the wine room and take home your handmade bundle of fresh pasta!

4/19, 5/4, 6/1       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Spend an evening in the kitchen with Chef Jason exploring the world of pasta sauces broken down into three types: olive oil, tomato, and cream. Jason will demonstrate techniques and give you tips and ideas you can use for everyday or special occasion meals. Throughout the class, you will sample the sauces with our fresh pasta and wines from the store's collection.

4/12, 4/29       (sold out)
In this class we will demystify two of the most challenging and delicious offerings from the Italian kitchen: risotto and gnocchi! From humble ingredients you will learn to make an easy and impressive spinach and ricotta gnocchi, and learn a couple of tasty preparations and sauces for your airy little pillows. Once you know how to build the perfect risotto, you can flavor it however you choose. A simple risotto Milanese will be prepared to teach you the basics of this creamy and delicious rice dish.

4/2, 5/20       (sold out)
Vietnamese cuisine is quickly becoming one of America's favorite ethnic choices for it's variety of bold flavors using only the freshest, high quality ingredients. This food is where French technique meets Asian ingredients resulting in a highly evolved, and very tasty cuisine. In this class we will make the traditional beef noodle soup known as Pho. You will learn to construct fresh spring rolls, once you know how easy it is to make them, you will never order out again! You will also learn to make the famous, oh so delicious, French/ Vietnamese fusion sandwich, Banh Mi!

4/9, 5/14       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Paris, the city that launched haute cuisine.. in this class we will examine the less formal, though equally delicious, Paris bistro-style cooking. Bistros were originally small Parisian restaurants or inns that served country-style French comfort food. Steak-frites, Onion Soup Gratinée and Salade Frisée aux Lardons are just a few of the beloved French dishes that will make up a terrific Paris bistro menu!

4/30, 5/11 (mother's day!)      
This iconic French cuisine delivers some of the world's most incredible dishes. Bouillabaisse from Marseille, is a fragrant seafood stew flavored with saffron and anise, served with a traditional "Rouille". A first course of warm Brandade de Morue to spread on a crusty baguette and a slow cooked Daube Provencal, French beef stew, will be prepared as well. The wine team will provide some terrific examples wines from this particular region of France to pair with the evening's menu.

4/17, 5/1       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Learn to make cheese with Lourdes, owner of Fiore di Nonno Handmade Fresh Mozzarella. Join us for a hands-on cheese making class with our favorite cheese maker! Cozy up with Lourdes in the Dave's kitchen and learn to make fresh cheese, using the rich, all-natural curds from Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, MA. After making your own cheese, you will savor fresh mozzarella dishes paired with tasty wines from our shelves. THEN go home with the cheese you just made...a fantastic way to spend a weekday evening. Check out this fantastic Globe article about Lourdes' cheese making class!

4/13, 5/27       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
No other nation can claim more of a historical influence on western cuisine than Greece. Known for the highest quality olives, cheeses and wine, Greece has always been a culinary forerunner to what we today define as Mediterranean cuisine. In this class we will prepare some of the more popular examples of traditional Greek foods. Stuffed grape leaves, souvlaki, tzatziki, and fragrant slow cooked lamb will be on the menu along with some terrific new Greek wines.

4/26, 5/31       (sold out)
If you have ever dreamed about cooking in a professional kitchen with an experienced chef this class is for you! We are having a dinner party in the Dave's kitchen and we want you to not only attend as a guest, but also prepare the meal. The most hands-on of all our classes, you will be divided into small groups each responsible for a course that will be served at the end of the night. Chef Jason will set the menu, provide the recipes and direction but the class will serve as the kitchen crew. Chef Jason will set the menu using a selection of his favorite recipes, and according to what we have fresh in the shop that day!

4/8, 5/13       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Ahh Tuscany, one of the world's most celebrated food and wine regions. This class will capture the essential flavors of beautiful Toscana. Learn to use bread in assorted crostinis with white beans, wild mushrooms and, of course, white truffle oil. A Panzanella will be prepared, a traditional bread and tomato salad, as well as salsa verde, a truly Tuscan "pesto" of parsley, capers, olive oil and anchovies. We will also make Cacciucco, a quick fresh seafood stew with tomato and fennel. Learn about and taste delicious examples of Tuscan wine, cheese, olives and cured meats

4/15, 5/6       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Though now incorporated into the regional Italian cuisine view, the island of Sicily has a distinct food culture onto itself. With heavy Arab, Spanish and Greek influences, the cuisine of Sicily is incredibly diverse across the island. In this class we will make versions of classic Sicilian pasta dishes including Pasta alla Norma and Pasta con Sarde. We will also make the traditional eggplant dish, Caponata and, of course, Sicilian style Arancini.

PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone in your party has a food allergy or food restriction, please bring it to our attention BEFORE you arrive for a wine tasting or cooking class. THANK YOU!
Are you interested in hosting a WINE TASTING in your own home? How about a private group PASTA OR COOKING class?? call us at 617.623.0867 or stop by the shop for details and availability

*please note that classes and tastings are non-refundable

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