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Fall 2014 Wine Tasting/Class/Event Schedule

Updated Thursday October 23, 2014

Join us for an evening of delicious wine and food, our wine tastings make for an affordable, tasty night out AND make a terrific gift!
AFTER-HOURS WINE TASTINGS   $50 per person, Thursdays 7:30-9:00 pm
Tastings fill up quickly, call 617-623-0867 with a credit card number or come by the shop to sign up.
Sam sez:  Where is everybody?? Come join us for a wine tasting!!

A Tour de Southwest France       September 18      (sold out)
Join us and our friend David Mitchell from MISE Wines as he guides us through this wild and rustic French wine region encompassing the varied appelations of Bordeaux, Madiran, Roussillon, Bergerac and Minervois, to name a few. MISE is a local wine importing company that specializes in small-production, all-natural wines. David's incredible wealth of wine knowledge, as well as delectable French countryside fare will provide a tasty backdrop for these lovely wines!

Panini Night!       October 2      (sold out)
Dave's Panini are the stars of this night! We will showcase the versatility of five wines from our unique collection as they pair up perfectly with our famously tasty grilled sandwiches, hot off the press. Our friend Jenna Harlow, of MS Walker, will be our guest wine presenter for the evening! Included in the all-sandwich menu will be the world-famous (and delightfully decadent) chocolate panini! Red, white and sparkling wines alike will be presented to illustrate just how well-matched panini and wine can be. Don't miss out on this one; it fills up quickly.

Terry Theise Wine Night       October 16      (sold out)
World-renowned wine importer Terry Theise has made a name for himself by finding the very best producers of traditional German and Austrian wines and introducing them to American wine drinkers. Terry's breadth of knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm for wine is infectious and can turn a casual wine consumer into an full-on aficionado. Join us for this unforgettable night of captivating, out of the ordinary wines and Chef Ravon's extraordinary wiener schnitzel sliders!

Spanish Wines & Tapas       October 30      (sold out)
Ladies, gentlemen.. the ever-popular DFP Spanish Tapas Night! Dennis Quinn, of Genuine Wine Selections, will present five traditional Spanish wines, from the refreshing, seafood-friendly whites from Galicia to the iconic Tempranillo-based reds of Rioja. We'll turn DFP into a Madrid-style tapas bar as we accompany the wines with sizzling garlic shrimp, Serrano ham, Marcona almonds and Manchego, the famous cheese of La Mancha!

South African Wine Night       November 6     
Often mistaken for a "new world" wine region, South Africa, in fact, has a rich tradition of winemaking dating to the early 17th century. Blessed with a stunning diversity of topography and terroirs suitable for many grape varieties, South Africa is a wine lover's dream. Familiar grapes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon do quite well here, as does the native Pinotage grape.. Join us and our good friend Mr. Stephen Malarick, of Carolina Wine Company for an illuminating night of new "old world" wines and Chef Ravon's take on traditional and modern South African fare.

Wines of Pacific Northwest       November 20      (sold out)
Along with northern California and Washington, Oregon's Willamette Valley has established itself as a world-class wine region, renowned especially for food-friendly Pinot Noirs, and crisp, aromatic white wines. Natural bio-diversity, a pervasive commitment to organic/biodynamic farming and traditional winemaking methods are hallmarks of the best producers. Mr. Martin Langer, of OZ Wine Company, has an incredible wealth of wine and food knowledge, and will deftly guide us through some of the more hidden and quirky wine gems of the Pacific Northwest, paired with inspired dishes from the DFP kitchen!

Holiday Party Wines!       December 4     
It's that time of year.. for dinner parties and holiday extravaganzas of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a crisp, fresh white for passed apps or a fun sparkler you will find it at the DFP Wine Shop. If you are in the market for a rich, delicious Amarone red for pairing with a holiday roast, or a rare and special gift for the wine lover in your life, we have got you covered. What better way to peruse the options than to join us for our very own holiday party? Judi Dupont Long from Vinilandia Imports will be in the house sharing her knowledge and passion for these beautiful Italian wines.

Funky Italian Varietal Night       December 18     
Join us for our all time favorite tasting with intrepid importer of off-the-beaten-path Italian wines, the lovely Eileen Wright, of Adonna Imports. Eileen will leads us through a succession of hard-to-find, yet easy-to-love reds and whites from the food-centric north of Italy. This is the land of hearty fare, hard mountain cheeses and cured meats... paired expertly with five funky and delicious wines from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Piemonte and Lombardia...they can stand up to and indeed compliment this bold, hearty cuisine. Terrific gift buying opportunity for your favorite Italian wine lover at this one!

Learn to cook like a pro in our cooking classes, plus eat tasty food & sip great wine!
Classes fill up quickly, call 617-623-0867 with a credit card number or come by the shop to sign up.

Dave teaching a pasta-making class - with wine!
$55* per person, classes are held weeknights from 6:30-9:00 pm
Sunday afternoons from 2-4:30 pm

Note: class dates in gray are sold out.

check out this terrific Boston Globe article about our classes and Chef Jason!

9/17, 9/28, 10/7, 10/22, 11/15, 12/3, 12/17       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Learn to make fresh egg pasta at home with ease. This is a hands-on pasta making class where you will learn basic dough technique, cutting pasta, and quick ravioli making. Taste your fresh pasta creations paired with samples from the wine room and take home your handmade bundle of fresh pasta!

9/23, 10/11, 11/4, 12/16       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Spend an evening in the kitchen with Chef Jason exploring the world of pasta sauces broken down into 4 types: olive oil, tomato, and cream. Jason will demonstrate techniques and give you tips and ideas you can use for everyday or special occasion meals. Throughout the class, you will sample the sauces with our fresh pasta and wines from the store's collection.

9/24, 10/15, 11/11       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
In this class we will demystify two of the most challenging and delicious offerings from the Italian kitchen: risotto and gnocchi! From humble ingredients you will learn to make an easy and impressive spinach and ricotta gnocchi, and learn a couple of tasty preparations and sauces for your airy little pillows. Once you know how to build the perfect risotto, you can flavor it however you choose. A simple risotto Milanese will be prepared to teach you the basics of this creamy and delicious rice dish.

9/10, 12/10       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Everything you ever wanted to know about stuffed pasta making! If you have taken our pasta making or sauce making classes, this is the logical next step. Possibilities for pasta fillings are endless, here at the shop we are always coming up with new ideas to fill a ravioli! You will learn the secret to a perfect "ravioli dough" and how to make delicious, flavorful fillings from fresh, seasonal ingredients. We will make a few easy sauces to pair with your filled pastas, then taste it all with some great wines from our shelves.

10/25, 12/9       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
Ahh Tuscany, one of the world's most celebrated food and wine regions. This class will capture the essential flavors of beautiful Toscana. Learn to use bread in assorted crostinis with white beans, wild mushrooms and, of course, white truffle oil. A Panzanella will be prepared, a traditional bread and tomato salad, as well as salsa verde, a truly Tuscan "pesto" of parsley, capers, olive oil and anchovies. We will also make Cacciucco, a quick fresh seafood stew with tomato and fennel. Learn about and taste delicious examples of Tuscan wine, cheese, olives and cured meats.

A big pan of paella is a beautiful and impressive thing indeed, makes for a terrific dinner party. It feeds a crowd, and as long as you are well prepared, you will spend only about 20 minutes at the stove. In this class we will show you how to make the classic Valencian paella. Our version starts with Bomba short grain rice, fragrant saffron threads and rich stock. It is chock full of fresh shellfish, authentic Spanish chorizo, chicken and veggies. In addition, you will learn to make some quick Spanish tapas and enjoy delicious Spanish wine and sherry from our wine shop. TIP: they sell very nice and inexpensive paella pans at China Fair on Mass Ave. - different sizes too.

10/23, 11/13       (sold out)
Learn to make cheese with Lourdes, owner of Fiore di Nonno Handmade Fresh Mozzarella. Join us for a hands-on cheese making class with our favorite cheese maker! Cozy up with Lourdes in the Dave's kitchen and learn to make fresh cheese, using the rich, all-natural curds from Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, MA. After making your own cheese, you will savor fresh mozzarella dishes paired with tasty wines from our shelves. THEN go home with the cheese you just made...a fantastic way to spend a weekday evening. Check out this fantastic article about Lourdes' cheese making class!

10/28, 10/29       (sold out)
The night before Halloween pumpkins will abound in the Dave's Fresh Pasta kitchen! Long before the pumpkin was used merely for scary Jack-o-Lanterns, it was revered for it's unique sweet flavor and it's adaptability in a wide range of preparations. Pumpkin ravioli with sage and Pecorino cheese, pumpkin risotto with fresh lobster, roasted pumpkin soup, etc...we will be carving pumpkins only for cooking on this Hallows eve.

10/18, 12/6       (sold out)
If you have ever dreamed about cooking in a professional kitchen with an experienced chef this class is for you! We are having a dinner party in the Dave's kitchen and we want you to not only attend as a guest, but also prepare the meal. The most hands-on of all our classes, you will be divided into small groups each responsible for a course that will be served at the end of the night. Chef Jason will set the menu, provide the recipes and direction but the class will serve as the kitchen crew. Chef Jason will set the menu using a selection of his favorite recipes, and according to what we have fresh in the shop that day!

Missing your favorite taco truck in Escondido? Chef Jason can help you make your own! In this class we will whip up some great Mexican border favorites. You will learn to make a variety of tacos, including everyone's favorite Baja style fish tacos! Traditional tamales, salsas and sides will also be covered. Sangria anyone?!

Vietnamese cuisine is quickly becoming one of America's favorite ethnic choices for it's variety of bold flavors using only the freshest, high quality ingredients. This food is where French technique meets Asian ingredients resulting in a highly evolved, and very tasty cuisine. In this class we will make the traditional beef noodle soup known as Pho. You will learn to construct fresh spring rolls, once you know how easy it is to make them, you will never order out again! You will also learn to make the famous, oh so delicious, French/ Vietnamese fusion sandwich, Banh Mi!


10/14, 11/18       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
There is nothing here at Dave's that can get us more excited than a bowl of great noodles. In this class we begin to examine Asian noodle preparation with Japanese ramen. Known as an alkaline noodle because of the addition of kansui to mimic the highly alkaline water of the great Kan lake in Mongolia, this Japanese version has a very specific and highly revered texture and flavor. We will make the noodles from scratch as well as the broth and all the garnishes that will blend traditional Ramen with our own, do it at home approach. We will also discuss umami and naturally occurring glutamic acid used as flavor enhancement, and tare, a japanese sauce used in addition to the ramen broth in some modern recipes, to add depth of flavor.

10/8, 12/2       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
With German cuisine so firmly entrenched within the roots of American food, it may be considered the first ethnic food in the United States. Though we will not be making hamburgers and frankfurters in this class, those are just two examples of German influence on what we consider our national cuisine. Spatzle, a German noodle, sauerbraten and schnitzle will all be covered. All the while, we will sample some great beer and wine from this unique culture.

10/1, 11/19       (sold out)
With a great variety of cultural influences and an abundant array of indigenous products, the cuisine of Puerto Rico is vibrant and exciting. Lucky for us, these ingredients are becoming more readily available on the mainland. In this class we will be whipping up some Puerto Rican favorites like mofongo, pasteles and arroz con gandules. We will also be looking at some techniques used in the preparation of the cuisine, such as the use of sofrito in everyday cooking.

9/30, 11/16 (one spot left!)       Note: class dates in gray are sold out.
As with all our classes, Thai food is a big subject that could take weeks of classes just to scratch the surface of this incredible and diverse cuisine. In this class we will be looking at traditional Thai ingredients and recipes that can be used by the home cook to create sensational Thai meals. Some of the topics include making a proper Thai curry for meats, fish and vegetables. We will make the delicious spicy and sour tom yum soup, and create a version of pad Thai that you can easily make at home!

PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone in your party has a food allergy or food restriction, please bring it to our attention BEFORE you arrive for a wine tasting or cooking class. THANK YOU!
Are you interested in hosting a WINE TASTING in your own home? How about a private group PASTA OR COOKING class?? call us at 617.623.0867 or stop by the shop for details and availability

*please note that classes and tastings are non-refundable

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